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Fire Safety Checklist For Industry

  • Web Page
Well organised and carefully maintained premises are safer from fire. The likelihood of fire breaking out is lessened and should fire occur it can be more readily controlled. This check list will help managements and their fire safety ...

Firework Safety & Firework Code

  • Web Page
The following links are to sites that contain safety information so ensure that your Firework Display is a "Safe Display". UK Firework Safety Pages 2000 Home Safety Network Guidance Note:The Fireworks (Safety) Regulations 1997 ...

Farm Fires & Farm Safety

  • Web Page
The following links are to Farm Safety Sites. These include not only Fire Safety but also Chemical Safety, Equipment and Machinery Safety and General Child Farm Safety. Safety Information for AgricultureCombustion fumes harbour silent killerFires on ...

Chimney Fires

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Make a Clean Sweep of It! The number of chimney fires in the UK is on the rise. During the winter of 2008 / 2009,  there was a 30% rise in fires from the previous year - possibly due to the side-effects of the current credit crunch. It appears ...

Caravans and Camping

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Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service and Devon Fire and Rescue Service are working together for a safer community.  The information below will help you be aware of the potential hazards whilst camping outdoors. Caravans Bottled Gas ...

Candle Safety

  • Web Page
Candles are actually a rising cause of fire. Every year, a growing number of people are killed or injured because they are careless with them. By following these guidelines, you can reduce the risks that come with using candles. For many people of al...

Barbecue Safety

  • Web Page
Although most barbecues present no problems, there have been examples of fires, serious injuries and deaths caused by the use of flammable liquids or sitting barbecues too close to fences, garden sheds, buildings or trees.   Following these guid...

Arson Alert

  • Web Page
  24 Ways To Stop Your Building Becoming An Arson Statistic. If you own or manage a business or if you are responsible for fire safety or security in any kind of building you should know that the most serious fire risk you face today is fr...

Public Information

  • Web Page
This section deals with many areas of fire safety information targeting the general public and normal day to day activities. The purposes is raise general awareness of fire risks involved in activities we perform in everyday life.   This chapter...

Wake Up Get A Smoke Alarm

  • Web Page
  What is a smoke alarm? Smoke alarms, or smoke detectors as they are sometimes known, are small devices, about the size of a hand. They are fitted to the ceiling and are able to detect fires in their earliest stages and sound a loud w...

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