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This section deals with many areas of fire safety information targeting the general public and normal day to day activities. The purposes is raise general awareness of fire risks involved in activities we perform in everyday life.


This chapter includes the following content

  • An Arson Alert section, dealing with a real current threat in modern society, with an easily understood set of guidelines.
  • A concise piece dealing Barbecue Fire Safety.
  • An information page including a list of fire safety tips for using candles around the home.
  • This sub section deals with the fire safety issues surrounding ‘Caravans and Camping’.
  • Chimney Fires offers simple precautions for minimising the risks of having a chimney fire.
  • Section on Farm Fires and Farm Safety offers a comprehensive list of links to other sites which deal with a range of farm related Safety issues including fire.
  • The Firework Safety and Firework Code section is another highly useful list of links to other recognised firework safety and code of practice websites.
  • The ‘Fire Safety Checklist For Industry” deals with many aspects of procedure and good practice for managing fire risk in the industrial setting in a helpful and concise way.
  • The ‘Small Boat Fire Safety’ piece contains a number of downloadable pdf’s how to be safe from fire afloat.
  • This section deals with the other health risks of smoking, and the often overlooked ones, how the avoid starting fires with carteless use of cigarettes etc. 



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